Become the mixologist at home to truly impress.


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World-class cocktail bar at home

What if you could be the one mixing cocktails from the comfort of your home with so little effort while being the life of the party.

I can't teach you how to dress stylish, and I can't tell you how to behave when you're tipsy, but I can teach you how to make all of the cocktails you need to know to become a modern cocktail genius at home.

You will discover all the tricks and secrets from the best bar in the world; you will learn all the skills you need to mix classic cocktails, create your bar cabinet with premium spirits, learn how to appreciate alcohol, and talk the talk like a professional.

My name is Max, and I have created the VIP cocktail club subscription to show you that cocktails can bring people together as food does and that you can do it like the professionals from the comfort of your home. I’ve been inspired by 17 years working with the world’s most awarded professionals in the most incredible bars worldwide, from the French Riviera to London and now Melbourne.

Would you like to be the one to uncover the secret to hosting the best parties at home?